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We look forward to welcoming you to Grange Farm and wish you an enjoyable walk. By booking a session you accept the terms and conditions of hire.

Please note the following before attending:

  • We offer two dog walking paddocks, please ensure you have book, check your booking details and attend the correct paddock

  • Please observe your time slot and vacate the secure parking area by the end of your session. Sessions are 30 minutes or one-hour respectively and this time includes your entry and exit to all areas to enable the next user to start their session on time. 

  • Please pick up all dog mess and waste and place in the bins provided. Biodegradable bags are also provided for your use.

  • Please secure the gates on your exit. 

If you prefer to book offline, please contact us on 01780 782459. We will be pleased to answers any questions you have and can process your payment over the phone. 

For bookings for larger numbers of dogs, or for groups or training classes, please contact us.

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